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About Us




Occupational Health Solutions, LLC helps companies create and manage safe, healthy work environments.

We're a multi-faceted education and consulting firm offering expertise in the areas of occupational health and education, safety training, ergonomics, human resources and worker's compensation issues. Since 1994, our staff has provided a breadth of services to help both regional and national businesses and associations reduce operating costs and improve productivity. Companies like Excel, American Packaging, Archway Cookies and Power Logistics call on our expertise and experience to address their occupation health and safety needs.

Occupational Health Solutions offers a complete consultative approach to occupational health issues in the workplace. We differ from other consultants because we limit our services solely to providing occupational health solutions. To our client base of business, industry, insurance carriers, health care providers, and legal advisors we have become an invaluable resource.

Occupational Health Solutions works with our clients to design and implement programs that are uniquely customized to your particular needs. Our staff is among the most experienced in the occupational health industry and takes prides in not only helping you establish occupational health goals, but in achieving them.

In today's business, a happy, healthy, productive workforce is a key factor in maximizing company profits. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics, every year 6,000 Americans die from workplace injuries, and an estimated 6 million people suffer non-fatal workplace injuries. Injuries alone cost the economy more than $110 billion a year! In addition, it is believed as many as 50,000 people die each year from illnesses that can be traced directly to the workplace. Many workplace injuries and illnesses are preventable. This is where we can help.

Our educational programs help train workers and managers how to prevent injury and illness, and most importantly, how they should respond should they occur. Coupled with our consulting services we help business and industry develop and implement policies and procedures which will minimize the risk of workplace occupational health issues, including minimizing impact on the "bottom line".

Improving results without a change in attitude is an expensive and relatively ineffective strategy. The real key to improvement is to change the culture of a workplace. Our educational and consulting strategy plays an important role in bringing about a cultural change. The overall result is reduced exposure to workplace injury and illness, higher employee productivity, fewer lost-time accidents, increased employee retention rates, better workplace morale, and substantial overall cost savings.

Contact Occupational Health Solutions today for a free initial consultation. Let us show you why our existing clients consider us invaluable.