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It's a proven fact: case management is one of the most cost-effective services available to employers.

Occupational Health Solutions uses proven strategies to blend the best medical care available with accountable and appropriate utilization of services. We maintain the focus on return-to-work, thus containing medical costs, reducing lost time and increasing worker morale.

Occupational Health Solutions presents a multi-disciplinary approach to enhance your management team. For your convenience, the following professionals are available:

  • Occupational Health Nurses
  • Ergonomists
  • Workers' Compensation Specialists
  • Vocational Consultants
  • Human Resource Advisors

Comprehensive Medical Case Management 

A "hands-on" approach to managing complex workers' compensation medical claims will expedite closure and assure that all issues of the case are documented and understood. Our case managers understand the "system" and have experience in proven case management techniques that will prevent misunderstandings and get the injured or ill employee back to work.

Expert Attention

Employers, employees, and insurance carriers all receive individualized attention by registered nurses in order to proactively manage the case. Following a reported occurrence, it is desirable for the injured employee to receive prompt medical care.

Many workplace injuries do not result in an open and shut situation. Oftentimes, unforeseen problems can develop and the case can become complicated. Cases can remain open for a year or more after the original injury. Not only do medical costs increase but also poor morale may result. In adverse situations an employee may retain legal council to fight the results further escalating the cost of a workers' compensation claim.

Occupational Health Solutions' case managers consult directly with the employee to be sure his or her condition is being closely monitored. Recommendations are funneled from the treating physician's office directly to the insurance carrier, and the specifics of the case are documented and addressed with all parties involved in the case.

The Goal

We'll help the employee return to work as quickly and safely as practical. To assure that this is the case, our consultants will review:

  • The physical demands of the employee's original position
  • The protocol of the employer's return-to-work program
  • Detailed descriptions of light or modified duty positions that may be available

You can expect our medical case manager to:

  • Assess the physical status and exhibited behaviors of the injured or ill employee
  • Facilitate the transfer of accurate information between the healthcare provider, employer, and employee
  • Formulate an action plan based on the employee's needs and employer's philosophy
  • Observe, track, and report progression of the workers' compensation case
  • Provide proactive intervention, as needed, to move the case forward
  • Communicate appropriately and effectively with all parties involved in the case
  • Enforce cost-reduction strategies and recommend options based upon findings
  • Focus on a safe return-to-work outcome and expedite case closure

The bottom line: proactive, comprehensive medical case management will save you time and money while ensuring that an employee receives the proper care and rehabilitation.