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Occupational Health Solutions provides a consultative approach to workplace health and safety a comprehensive look at all issues that affect workers' compensation. Here are our steps during a comprehensive review:
  1. We complete a worksite assessment, evaluating potential and actual threats to employee safety and health. Should you desire, our worksite assessment can include a complete ergonomics study.
  2. Simultaneously, we review your workers' compensation claims to help you focus your preventative efforts where they will do the most good.
  3. We'll conduct a policy analysis. When we review written policies likely to have an effect upon your workers' compensation, we pay particular attention to critical policies such as your "return-to-work" policy, training programs, and accident investigation.
  4. Finally, we look at your staff development and training programs to explore occupational health training that will reduce the probability of on-site injuries.

At the conclusion of our investigation, we provide a report of our findings and recommendations, plus a "highlight" page you can keep handy for periodic review.

Claims Analysis

Medical claims analysis is much more than just knowing how to read a workers' compensation claim report. It is the power to interpret the report to both minimize existing claims and prevent similar claims from recurring.

Our consultants initially will meet with management to:

  • Outline specific goals for the analysis
  • Determine accuracy of claims analysis 
  • Gain an understanding of the role specific company personnel play in this process
  • Identify areas of uncertainty, and answer questions related to claims analysis
  • Provide short term and long term action plan

We'll provide you with a written report designed to help you identify trends and apply appropriate cost saving strategies. The goal of the analysis is to help you focus your preventative efforts where they will do the most good.


Policy Analysis

We evaluate your company's worksite policies, procedures and established protocol to determine policy strengths and weaknesses.

Our consultants will initially meet with management to:

  • Identify managers involved in policy development
  • Gather all written policies related to occupational health and safety issues
  • Discuss any perceived problems on the part of management

We'll provide a written report identifying areas of strength and weakness in your written policies. Upon your request, we will provide you with specific examples of additional policies you may wish to consider.