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Early Intervention

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The purpose of early intervention in occupational injury is to dispatch an occupational nurse to the site of an injury or other designated location to assess the situation and report findings. The objective of this assessment is to address an employee's injury as quickly and efficiently as possible and return the employee safely to work, minimizing recordable workers' compensation and lost time occurrences. 

Our occupational nurse will:
  • Document findings and communicate issues
  • Facilitate a management team conference to discuss the situation
  • Recommend a conservative treatment program
  • Initiate medical intervention, if necessary, and suggest appropriate options
  • Monitor employee medical status and follow established protocol
  • Focus on returning the employee to productive work

Early Intervention in Action

An employer who operates a warehouse requested evaluation of an employee reporting hand discomfort and requesting medical treatment. Occupational Health Solutions was contacted and one of our occupational nurses was dispatched to the worksite within one hour of notification.

The nurse interviewed the injured worker, documented subjective complaints, recorded objective findings, assessed the situation, proposed a plan of action, and provided a written report of all activity to the employer. An explanation of the potential outcome of the situation was discussed with the employer and the employee.

In conjunction with the consultative visit, the nurse followed established procedures that resulted in return-to-work and case closure. The key points of the early intervention program include: early response, thorough assessment, effective communication, and team planning with all parties involved. In light of the actions taken, Occupational Health Solutions was able to significantly decrease the need for unnecessary medical intervention, and as a result this occurrence did not result in a lost-time accident.

In the event an employee needs medical intervention, Occupational Health Solutions forms strategies with our staff, physicians, and clinics to create a structure that blends the best medical care available.