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The Primary Prevention Program was designed to be a front-line prevention program and to meet two equally dynamic goals:
  1. To identify symptoms that may lead to musculoskeletal disorders and problems that may impact work performance in the earliest stages possible
  2. To maintain a healthy, productive workforce

To accomplish these goals, Occupational Health Solutions occupational nurses conduct in-depth evaluations that allow them to identify your specific company needs. They provide training to enable employees to recognize early symptoms and effectively motivate them to report these in immediate fashion.

Upon notification, Occupational Health Solutions nurses will assess each employee's situation and then, utilizing established protocols, they recommend appropriate strategies that will specifically address the individual employee's needs.

The objective is to address any symptoms of potential occupational injury as quickly and efficiently as possible thus decreasing likelihood for development of workplace injuries.

The result is a healthier, more productive workforce. Further benefit is realized in the form of dramatic decreases in recordable injuries.

Our occupational nurse will:

  • Work closely with management, supervisors and employees to accomplish plan goals
  • Provide thorough and accurate assessments
  • Recommend a conservative treatment programs
  • Initiate medical intervention, if necessary, and suggest appropriate options
  • Monitor employee medical status and follow established protocols

In the event an employee needs medical intervention, Occupational Health Solutions forms strategies with our staff, physicians, and clinics to create a structure that blends the best medical care available with accountable and appropriate utilization of services.


An employer who operates a warehouse notified Occupational Health Solutions that an employee had requested a conference with our nurses. Occupational Health one of our occupational health nurses to the worksite. Upon arrival, the employee revealed that he was concerned because he was experiencing some back discomfort on a regular basis. The nurse interviewed the injured worker, documented subjective complaints, recorded objective findings, assessed the situation, proposed a plan of action, and provided a written report of all activity to the employer. An explanation of the potential outcome of the situation was discussed with the employer and the employee.

Occupational Health Solutions was able to significantly decrease the need for unnecessary medical intervention, and as a result this occurrence did not result in a lost-time accident.