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Functional Evaluation Capacity

Our Physical Therapist performs the Isernhagen Functional Capacity Evaluation (FCE). This comprehensive, work-related test assesses an individual's physical ability to do a specific job or activity and aids in developing a safe return to work program. The report clearly describes the tasks a worker could perform in a workday. When the FCE is complete, the worker understands his or her capacity, the physician can feel confident in the release to work, and the employer knows specific job matches.

  • Mobile testing unit allows testing to be performed on-site at industries
  • Initial musculoskeletal assessment is compared to FCE performance to correlate function with job tasks
  • Outcomes data has demonstrated the reliability of this standardized test
  • Consistency checkpoints insure validity of the client's testing

Pre-Work Screening

This program provides employers with specific information on the relationship between the critical demands of a job and the physical capabilities of the potential workers. The screens are developed to measure functional capabilities that meet the intent of ADA non-discrimination statements. It matches the right worker to the right work.

  • Screens are validated by current employees to insure job relatedness
  • Prospective employees gain an objective view of the physical demands of a job
  • Testing is performed following an offer of employment; hiring is contingent upon successful completion of the screen

Work Conditioning

With the goal of returning to work in a safe, timely manner, this program strengthens an individual's abilities by simulating job duties. The conditioning is performed for a defined length of time (i.e. two to four weeks) to gradually increase the employee's tolerance for the job's physical demands. Programs can be established either onsite at the company or through an arrangement with a local clinic. 

Some companies have also developed programs for uninjured employees that seek to improve the musculoskeletal and cardiopulmonary abilities of these individuals. Increased strength and endurance improves productivity and decreases the likelihood of injury

Worksite Stretching

We will come to the worksite to observe the tasks being performed and the physical demands of the job. Based on this analysis we will devise a specific set of stretching exercises that will improve flexibility and prevent future injuries.