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Remain-at-Work Program 

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Vocational Case Mgmt.
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Physical Therapy


Injured or ill employees recover more quickly if they are able to maintain near-normal routines. Employees missing work may experience low self-esteem, lack of confidence, and feelings of isolation. For this reason, it is essential that every effort be made to help workers remain at work.

Occupational Health Solutions provides the tools to implement programs helping employees remain in the workplace while recuperating from an injury. We offer innovative and effective programming that evaluates worker needs in relationship to specific jobs/job tasks. Ergonomic studies include functional capacity evaluations, job analysis, on-site physical therapy, on-site occupational therapy, job modification, on-the-job training, worksite accommodations and other services. Allowing Occupational Health Solutions to assist you in implementing a remain-at-work program not only benefits the injured worker, but also maintains workplace productivity and routine. 

Programs benefits:
  • Encourages and supports the injured worker
  • Decreases claim dollars
  • Identifies potential problems with work issues and offers pro-active solutions
  • Avoids further injury to the worker and does not exacerbate injury
  • Controls the direction of the case, lowers industrial disability loss, and reduces long-term financial responsibility
  • Maintains production and workplace routine

Please review our early intervention program to see how our highly successful programming can help you prevent workplace injuries and reduce OSHA recordables.