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Safety Training



Safety Training

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OSHA fines can be substantial. High injury rates can damage your company's bottom line and undermine employee morale.

Safety training by Occupational Health Solutions not only satisfies OSHA training requirements; it can also be a key element in reducing your organization's injury/illness rates. Importantly, your employees will view safety in a positive light when they see that their employer's #1 priority is to protect them on the job.

The Outsourcing Advantage

When it comes to safety training, the devil is in the details. Training preparation and delivery is time-consuming, draining your company's limited resources and distracting your safety staff from other important duties. Outsourcing with Occupational Health Solutions is a cost-effective and sensible approach to meeting your company's training needs.

Customizable Programs

Our safety training programs can be customized to meet your organization's unique needs. We can individualize program content by incorporating digital photographs of your site into the training program, specifically targeting and emphasizing areas of needed improvement.

Onsite or Online

Occupational Health Solutions delivers training both onsite or online. Our online training utilizes an outstanding new communication alternative called AudioNet technology. Blending the ease of telephone communication with the visual impact of the Internet, Occupational Health Solutions can deliver training and education programs to your business in groups of 1 or 1,000.

Please take a minute to view our AudioNet-enabled training demo. You can also view our current online training calendar.

Expert Instructors

Whether onsite or online, our training courses are delivered by professional instructors who follow adult learning principles. Our instructors are skilled at adapting programs, highlighting areas of greatest importance to you and your organization.

Training programs can grow stale with repetition, "turning off" employees to the message of safety. The training professionals at Occupational Health Solutions will bring a fresh voice and a new perspective to your employee training programs. Our programs are fast-paced and dynamic, stimulating trainees and holding their interest.