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Ubiquity Virtual Seminars



Safety Training

Medical Case Mgmt.
Vocational Case Mgmt.
Legal Testimony
Job Placement
Primary Prevention
Early Intervention
Transitional Work
Worksite Assessment
Human Resources
Physical Therapy



Let Virtual Seminars bring the presentation to you!

Ubiquity Virtual Seminars deliver live training programs to your facility, with no need for travel.  An unlimited number of your staff can attend for a single fee.  All it requires is a computer with Internet access and a speakerphone, in the same room.

How Does a Virtual Seminar Work?

Virtual Seminars are delivered through a combination of Teleconference Technology and the Internet.

The voice of the instructor is delivered through traditional audio conferencing services.  Participants simply dial in to the teleconferencing bridge, and listen to the live audio feed on speakerphone.  The visuals (slides, charts, web tours, and graphics) are delivered via a specially designed website.  Participants may view the real-time graphics on the computer screen, or project the visuals onto a larger screen with a video projector.

Fully Interactive

Participants in Ubiquity Virtual Seminars have complete access to the program instructor.  Participants can ask questions either by telephone or by Internet, and receive answers in real time.

How Do Participants Connect to a Virtual Seminar?

Registered participants receive a "Confirmation Email" two days before the program is broadcast.  This confirmation email includes simple step-by-step access instructions for the program.  A help desk is available to assist you.