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Expert Legal Testimony

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Our consultants give expert witness testimony for legal professionals representing individual claimants, insurance companies, and employers. We can help with both pre-trial and trial preparation in cases involving occupational health issues and vocational rehabilitation.

Our broad base of expertise allows us to provide insight into cases involving workers' compensation claims and long-term disability.

  1. We recognize the difference between the theoretical and the practical.
  2. We are actively involved in the labor market and the data we use is up-to-date and based upon an accurate analysis of information related to your case.
  3. We won't present you with a bunch of irrelevant out-of-date statistics that don't relate to the circumstances of your case.

We have active, practical expertise in the areas of:

  • Determining an industrial loss including:
    • Loss of wage analysis
    • Labor Market surveys
    • Evaluating current vocational status
    • Evaluating long-term vocational potential
    • Evaluating long-term claimant earnings potential
    • Conducting worker skills analysis
    • Determining transferable skill analysis
    • Developing individualized worker training programs
  • Applicability of a claimant's situation to long-term disability coverage

We will provide you with a factual written report of our findings and opinions and be prepared to highlight the contents in depositions, informal appearances or in actual courtroom testimony.