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The services Occupational Health Solutions provides are useful to insurance carriers, employers, and attorneys; vocational case management is an integral component of the rehabilitation process to return an injured worker to suitable, gainful employment.

Vocational Case Management includes a complete evaluation of the rehabilitation potential of the claimant. We provide counseling for disability-related concerns, and when appropriate, we can provide access to the labor market and identify job placement opportunities through our job placement service.

Comprehensive, private vocational rehabilitation concentrates on attaining an employee's pre-injury wage and takes into consideration the worker's skills, aptitudes, interests and physical capability. Vocational case management is an appropriate option when a physician releases an individual for return-to-work or rules out a return-to-work with the same job and same employer.

The benefits of utilizing vocational case management are numerous:

  • Claim dollars for both medical and vocational payment decrease
  • Relevant medical and vocational issues are consistently addressed
  • Problems associated with return-to-work are identified and solved in a timely fashion
  • A positive environment is created resulting in better facilitation between the insurance company, the claimant, and possibly an attorney
  • Documents all case activity, including the intricate and objective details of medical issues, vocational goals, behavioral interactions, and financial aspects of the situation
  • Provides input for decision-making based upon specific recommendations
  • Encourages and supports the injured worker to seek and obtain suitable work 
  • Proves employment options and permanent job opportunities are available