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Occupational Health Solutions recognizes that to have an effective occupational health program in place, you must first take an inventory of the potential problems your business may be facing. We call this inventory procedure Worksite Assessment and Evaluation.

We feel strongly that an outsider should conduct your Worksite Assessment and Evaluation. The reason is obvious: our consultant, or team of consultants, is likely to see potential problems that you and your workers overlook everyday. It is all too easy to become complacent about your own environment and not be in a position to recognize existing or potential problems. This is exactly the approach that OSHA uses, and one of the reasons we fear an OHSA inspection so much. Let's face it: it is just plain common sense to incorporate outside review as part of an effective overall occupational health and safety program.

Our consultants initially will meet with management to:

  • Clearly explain our objectives in advance of the actual Worksite Assessment
  • Listen to managements thoughts and concerns about the process
  • Gain insight into actual or perceived occupational health problems that management feels potentially may exist

The consultation may include most, if not all of the following:

  • A comprehensive visit to all on-site workplace locations
  • A comprehensive visit to off-site job locations where applicable
  • Photographing or videotaping examples of situations that may be the cause of potential problems
  • A complete ergonomics study (as outlined in the next section) if deemed necessary and appropriate
  • Specific identification of occupational health issues that might become an issue in an OSHA inspection
  • Identification of policies or protocol that might help mitigate a particular problem
  • Identification of specific instances where additional outside expertise should be sought.

At the conclusion of our Worksite Assessment we will schedule a meeting where we will present a written report summarizing all of the specific and general observations made during our evaluation. We will highlight our concerns as well as provide our thoughts relative to specific solutions.